STFM Curator Chats 

Join us on the 4th Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm for our new STFM Curator Chats series! Our STFM researchers will lead a special tour and presentation that focuses in depth on one of the many stories, individuals, events, and issues related to the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and its world.  After the tour, we’ll have time for refreshment and discussion. All this is included in the price of a regular tour, and is our way of sharing the joy of discovery as our scholars and curators dig deeper in their ongoing research.

For more information or a schedule of topics, follow our Facebook page @southerntenantfarmersmuseum for announcements or contact Aimie Michelle Taylor at 870-764-2274 (

Space may be limited, so please call us at 1-870-487-2909 to register.